The Microsoft Classroom Pen 2 Announced

Microsoft Classroom Prn 2.png

Learning just got a bit easier with the recent announcement of Microsoft’s upcoming Classroom Pen 2. This affordable smart pen will mark its presence on 27th of April. It’s an updated version of the previous Classroom Pen, launched in 2019.

The pen is available in different color and features two buttons similar to its earlier version. Also, it comes with the replaceable tips and batteries, including a pen clip to fasten to a Surface Type Cover. It has a slot to tie a string loop for tethering with the surface device. 

Microsoft Classroom Pen 2 stylus is compatible to be used in Microsoft’s own Surface Pro and Surface Go devices. The creators have not revealed much about the other specifications included in this smart pen. Students of any ages can use it, expanding the horizon of their learning experiences. 

The digital inking is taking over the conventional writing ways with the usual pens. The pandemic, we are dealing with at the present time has led to finding the innovative ways of taking education further without having to practice the standard education system anymore. The remote learning has become utmost important defying the regular face to face teaching methods. The Classroom Pen, in such case, is the major scope. The smart pen technology is certain to strengthen the education system worldwide. 

Another big advantage of using digital ink is the reduction of the usage of papers to write on or print out, thus reducing the threat of deforestation for the production of papers, around the world. 

Microsoft has been forecasting the release of Classroom Pen putting up a challenge for the Chromebooks, which has seen a surge in its sale in the educational institutions.

The Classroom Pen 2 by Microsoft will be available in packs of 20 to be sold for $399.80 USD i.e. $19.99 per pen.  The packs will be available for sale directly to the educational institutions.